My fondest memory of scent is my late father’s aftershave. I still remember the aftershave smell whenever my father carried me in his arms. The combination of woody, spicy and musky scents made me feel safe and warm.

Due to this early childhood influence, I prefer men’s perfume and have the view that guys who wear perfume daily are stylish and super attractive.

There was one time when I got sick of a perfume that I bought and I had to give it away. This is because I only tested the perfume once before buying it. I learned my lesson. Since then, I will take my time (days or even weeks at times) to test out and smell the perfumes a few times to ensure that I really love the scent before buying it.

There are 2 types of food that never fail to cheer me up.


Mala food is not something new as it is originally from Sichuan, China.

The mala craze started in Singapore back in 2017 (if I read it correctly). It started off with mala hotpot steamboat and then to mala xiang guo (a stir-fried version of mala hotpot). Since then, the craze spread to other Asian countries.

Mala steamboat soup
Mala xiang guo (stir fry)

The combined smell of Szechuan peppercorns and other spices easily whet my appetite. Yums!


I am a huge Korean food lover. The smell of Korean BBQ meat (particularly barbecued samgyeopsal (pork belly)) is to die for. How I wish I can eat them now.

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