A letter to myself

When I am running out of writing juices

Dear You,

It has been some months since you started your writing journey in Medium. How has it been for you? Exciting? Challenging?

I know that you are new to writing and making a conscientious effort to learn the ropes with the daily reading of Medium articles and books about writing. After all, it is essential to learn the many ways of writing and to improve.

It must have been an exciting period for you back in late January to early February of this year. You managed to come up with 20+ topics to write! That’s great news! I bet you must be looking forward to writing and producing more creative topics to write about.

But based on your writing routine and the publication frequency of your articles, it looks like you are experiencing the dreaded writer’s block. The dreaded state where one struggles to churn out ideas or words to write.

It is a common thing actually. It happens to every writer.

I recognise the struggle is real. It is hard when you can barely write a single sentence or paragraph for days. Such a state will create the imposter syndrome, doubting yourself whether you have the talent to write.

But remember that every creative journey has its ups and downs.

Remind yourself by asking this question: what is your goal in writing? By constantly reminding yourself of your goal, it will give you the motivation to not give up on writing.

And you have the power to get out of this creative rut. Do something that keeps your writing juices running like reading, talk to a friend. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, what is the best solution to overcome writer’s block? Writing.

Write down or type the words or points that come to mind. You do not need to worry about grammar and sentence construction. They do not have to sound perfect. Just put down your ideas in words.

Push your limits by challenging yourself. Experiment. Find out what works for you. And inspiration and ideas will come to you naturally.

You can do this. Just write. And write for yourself.

Yours Sincerely,
Your optimistic self

First published in Medium

One thought on “A letter to myself

  1. Good advice. It’s true. You must write to write, and there is no way around it. Keep writing! Enjoy your journey! And I look forward to walking some of it with you!


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